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Designing sustainable homes in a soulful and creative way

Our homes are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of each homeowner while focusing on our relationship to nature.

The space we live in can transform our moods, enhance our comfort and improve our mindset. Our homes are carefully designed with high aesthetic appeal so you feel at home the minute you walk through the door. They are models of our values while reflecting individual style and needs in ways that a traditional house does not. Our homes are mindful of the earth’s preservation and meticulously designed for the physical, social and emotional well-being. Layouts are carefully considered to maximize usability and minimize impact while sun-light, energy, and air quality are optimized through daylight planning and efficiency of systems.

“Homes are a sacred space, where spirit and matter connect.”

We are focused on designing unique homes that are environmentally friendly while conscience of their style and sense of place. We feel like great housing should be available to everyone, so our homes serve as models for healthy, inspired, soulful living. It is our desire for individuals to live in harmony with the outdoors and for our homes to have a relationship with the sun. Our homes promote the desire to connect with nature, providing stylish sustainability without sacrifice. We are all part of an amazing and inspiring world: our homes and communities promote its preservation and reverence.


Energy Efficient & Solar Homes by Mottram Architecture

Our design approach is to continually weave architecture and sustainability together in every project creating a truly integrated design. You may not have come to us with energy efficiency in mind, but we hope to leave you with a thoughtfully designed, functional, energy efficient space that uniquely fits you and your lifestyle. From the way you and the sun move through your home, to the emotional reaction of familiarity and home, we design with meaningful interactions and intentional spaces. We are continually thinking beyond the built structure and developing the feeling of the space. We ask our clients questions like “How do you want to feel when you’re home” or “List the qualities you associate with each room in your home”. “Use these descriptive words to describe your style”


Energy Efficient & Solar Homes by Mottram Architecture

Our process of integrated design starts from the site and builds all the way though the envelop, lighting, heating, energy production, waste, and water. When the house lands in just the right spot to take advantage of the sun or the view. We have spent years developing detailed knowledge of building science and cold climate building materials, assemblies and systems. Yet, that’s not enough. Every part of the home is important from the site through the interior spaces being light filled and full of joy. Consulting has a huge impact on whether or not the building performs correctly, everyones questions are answered, and the entire team knows how to make sure the project comes together in the end. We are dedicated to getting you the most out of your space and budget while not creating a house with 4 walls and a roof, but what everyone desires – “A Place To Call Home” The product of what you get from us isn’t a drawing set with instructions on how to construct a house, it’s a carefully, thoughtfully imagined, soulful home.


Energy Efficient & Solar Homes by Mottram Architecture

Maybe we should start with what we are not. We are NOT a 2x6, fiberglass insulation, code minimum home. We are passionate about our innovative home building process. To achieve efficient energy harmony, zero energy ready design departs significantly from conventional construction practice. We optimize the use of passive solar heat gain and shading. We combine it with super insulation, the hardest thing to change after the fact (so don’t argue with us on this one, we don’t care if you’ve been doing it some other way for 25 years). Our homes are constructed with the highest level of precision and detail. We have spent the past couple of years testing the idea of panelized construction. Our homes will be available in stick built or panelized versions.