As a female architect/entrepreneur, I bring a different perspective to designing and building a home. It is a soulful and creative experience. I don’t just design houses, I’m a trained building scientist and a small firm practice, so i’m involved in every decision from the beginning to the end of the project. We build nests, we build community, we build gathering spaces and quiet retreats. We think about how your home can serve you and how you want to feel in your space. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, and a majority of that in our homes. They should bring us joy.

My specialty is energy efficient residential design for cold climates. I practice integrated design and look at everything from daylight planning, energy consumption, orientation, and function.  Many homes are beautiful, but all homes should require less effort to operate and maintain. Our design philosophy is simple, attractive, and durable homes that use space efficiently.


Once we decided to build a home rather than buy a resale we researched and interviewed a number of architects that build energy efficient homes here in Maine. We were looking for a great architect with inspired ideas and vision. They also had to understand our needs and design requirements, which didn’t conform to the standard home design in the area. We found Emily Mottram, who fit the bill perfectly. She knew how to listen, she knew how to explain the process, and she was always available to explain the details. She was also an invaluable go-between helping us work with our building contractor. She is excited to sell her design plans and we highly recommend her.
— Linda Berger
Mottram Architecture is the reason our remodel is so functional till this day. Emily took the time to listen to our ideas, asked numerous questions, and really got a feel for what we wanted out of the project. She then walked us through several different design possibilities which incorporated new ideas for our old farm house. The functional use of space and getting what you want out of a project even when you might not know exactly what you want is the reason we would use Mottram Architecture again and recommend using them for a remodel or a new build.
— The Goulds
I met with Emily, of Mottram Architecture, through the recommendation of a high quality builder, as well as a business referral and I was immediately impressed with her sincere desire to get involved and jump right in to my project. We had a rough drawing and an exact house plan drawn out on 1” x 1” grid paper of our vision for our ‘Barn’ home. Emily took our dream and turned into a reality. She offered energy efficient suggestions and ways to help streamline our tight budget, and we had our first set of plans within a week. I can’t speak highly enough of her professionalism and feel that my husband & I have made a life-long friend. She has visited the build often and invested herself in us to the degree that we consider her our ‘go-to’ person with any type of question. She has gone above & beyond simply drawing up a set of plans and easily was worth 3 times what she charges. This is our third building project (1st with Emily) and she has made it effortless. From expanding our living room 4 feet into the garage; to curving the stairs; to adding a 24’ x 14’ covered porch; to adding a 10’ x 6’ horizontal window – she has been willing to work with us to make it happen and we have been delighted. I would willingly recommend Mottram Architecture and gladly use her for our next building project.
— The Burrell's

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