Energy Efficient Custom Kitchen Renovation | Mottram Architecture



People ask all the time if we do renovations. The answer is yes for a number of reasons. First, we are finding that it’s harder and harder for people to find homes in neighborhoods they love when they are thinking about upgrading to a different house that might better suit their needs. Therefore, it’s always worth starting with a feasibility study to see if your home could be expanded and modified to meet your needs without moving. Sometimes town or zoning regulations don’t allow for that, or there is so much that doesn’t work with an existing home, that the renovation you need doesn’t fit within your boundaries or budget.


Maine has a lot of the oldest housing stock in the country. We love the idea of keeping things that have been here for 100 years. But the way they built then doesn’t jive with the energy and economics of today. What once was a farmhouse with a back 40 acres of wood, is not an oil guzzling masterpiece. The craftsmanship that existed then is expensive to replicate now. So keeping what we have, might just do the trick. And making it as efficient as possible along the way, now you’re talking! Alas, making an existing structure super-efficient isn’t cheap or easy. But we do promise to make your addition or renovation as efficient as we can within your budget and your needs.


We design for cold climate building. We practice integrated design and look at everything from water consumption, energy consumption, building envelope, orientation, and function.  Many homes are beautiful, but all homes should require less effort to operate and maintain. Our design philosophy is simple, attractive, and durable homes that use space efficiently. We are not hung up on the square footage of a home, but are more interested in how you live and how your home can best meet your needs. Our design approach is to continually weave architecture and sustainability together in every project creating a truly integrated design. You may not have come to us with energy efficiency in mind, but we hope to leave you with a thoughtfully designed, functional, energy efficient space that uniquely fits you and your lifestyle. We are diverse in our style of design, if you have an arts and crafts home we will meet your design aesthetic. If you have a mid century modern home, that’s great too! We love design, as architects we aren’t married to one style or option. We are committed to making your dreams a reality and remaining diverse, while providing energy efficient design options from the moment your project arrives at our door.


We feel like every home we design or renovate is unique to each individual owner. Even our semi-custom homes are modified to meet the needs, style, and performance of each person that builds with us. Whether you come to us wanting to build a NET ZERO home or just wanting to renovate your own home, we hope you’ll leave with a truly sustainable building. Don’t let that scare you away, everyone can be more “green” with simple, cost effective, materials, assemblies, and systems. We feel so strongly about everyone’s ability to be more sustainable that we will show you how it can be done for each and every homeowner.