Episode 15: A Discussion on Windows with Steve Konstantino at Performance Building Supply

E3 - Energy and Efficiency with Emily is a podcast dedicated to energy efficient home building in cold climate areas of New England. In today’s episode we talk about windows. We discuss the merit of triple pane windows, why European windows are different, and some options that you can get with the windows from Performance Building Supply. Check out show notes for more information on Steve and Performance Building Supply.

Steve Konstantino, founder and owner of Performance Building Supply, is an expert in building science and renewable energy systems. Originally inspired by super-insulated, passive solar homes he saw and lived in during the early 1980’s, Steve designed and built two passive solar homes himself, often struggling to find healthy building materials and information. Since that time, the building industry has been compelled to respond to the increasing demand for high performance, sustainable products and energy efficient building practices.

Founding Maine Green Building Supply was Steve’s way of bringing these types of products to a community of like-minded developers, architects, contractors and homeowners. He hosts a monthly Building Science Discussion Group and other educational forums.

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